WhatRunsWhere Busting Open New Markets

Here are some common stumbling blocks for affiliate marketers new and old alike:

  • Can’t figure out what to promote
  • Difficult to find new traffic sources
  • Hard to compete with existing advertisers
  • Can’t properly view ads in other countries
  • Don’t know what ad copy works in other countries

If you plan on being successful (and by successful, nickycakes doesn’t mean upgrading from maruchan to premium ramen noodles successful) then you will have to address some, if not all of these concerns at some point.

Assuming you have been working in this industry at all over the past year, you will know of a tool called WhatRunsWhere headed up by nickycakes’ friend and all-around genius Slightly Shady who you may know from wickedfire.  If you don’t know of WhatRunsWhere, it basically solves all the above problems for you, for a price.

First, it should be noted that you can do most of what this tool can do on your own for less than the monthly fee (about $200), but it will still require a decent amount of money for proxies (geosurf is about $200/month alone or more for any decent package), and a LOT of time.  You’d have to spend practically an entire day searching around different sites just to do the job that a 10 second search on WhatRunsWhere will give you, and your results will not be nearly as good.


For those who haven’t already heard about WhatRunsWhere, here’s a rundown of what you can do with it:

Search for text or banner ads based on country, ad format, and landing page keyword.  The keyword part is important, because if you’re looking for ads on display networks, there’s no way to easily find related ads.  WhatRunsWhere’s bots scrape the landing pages for every ad for keywords, and let you search by that.  Great for finding extremely relevant ads quickly.


Lets see 300×250 banners for payday loans in the US from the past 30 days:

How about text/hybrid ads for diet in AU?

That takes like 10 seconds each to pull up.  You can then click on any of the ads to get a detailed breakdown of all the landing pages that ad has been going to, which will in many cases help you get around any shitty cloaking they may be using.  Here’s what that looks like:

This is super helpful for smashing your competition.  As you can see, it lists the other traffic sources they’re using and everything.

Ok Great, So What’s New?

Yeah, there have been a bunch of posts about this tool since it’s release early this year.  You probably already know about it, or maybe even already use it yourself.  What you probably don’t know is they’re about to roll out a bunch of new countries.  Currently, they have US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  That’s pretty much every big english-speaking market that you can find offers for, but as international offers have been getting more and more popular, affiliates really need something for other big non english speaking regions.

Spain will be rolled out some time in the next day or two, Brazil within 2 weeks, and shortly after that, the major countries in Europe.  All these countries have really good offers (think all the stuff you can’t run in the US anymore with a fake news lander), and there is plenty of room to make a killing.

At very least, try it for a week for $1 and see what’s up.  It will save you hours and hours, and will make you more money, unless you’re brain-dead, or don’t have enough fingers to operate a keyboard, period.

Keep it real.

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