The Cake Show Podcast 002 – Blackhat SEO Done Right

michel genetay

Hey everyone, you’re going to love the second episode of The Cake Show featuring Nicky’s good friend Micha, an expert at being awesome and spamming links.

Also available on mp3,  itunes and pretty much every android/iphone podcast app (just search for nickycakes)

After listening to the podcast, if you’re far too lazy to set up your own link spamming system, but would like to rank some sites, you can check out his link building service here:

Spam Bound and Down

You can also reach him on skype at michel.genetay

In this episode, among other things, Micha lays out how someone can get started with blackhat link building.  Here are the tools he says you need to get started (pick one from each list):

Backlink Research

Target Scraper

Link Posting Software

Content Spinner



If you end up going with GSA, there’s a really good video series on how to build a campaign with it, which you can find on their youtube channel here.

Keep it real!

Peanut Gallery

  • So glad this is back up, your podcasts are definitely my favorite… I just hope we don’t have to wait for a leap year to hear the next one.

  • I feel creepy telling you that I just listened to this.

    A++ would listen again.

  • some really interesting stuff in here – and i now want to move to thailand :)

    love the reddit comment, far too many white knights out there, time to dig in and keep fighting G

  •, good tip! lol

  • Sweet! Podcast 2 was great! I learned a lot more on my SEO work that I do for my motorcycle niche site! Thanks Nicky, I’ve followed you for years. -Greg

  • Your input is priceless, thanks! Just keep in mind the mentality of my audience for this little godaddy hosted, iWeb built on a 2002 PowerMac G4, with CJ banners. These people eat it up! Plus I needed a place to park 8 of my bike’s pics and a bunch of friends bikes. Just a goof really. I did yank all of the eBay live feed banners and AdSense last night and I’m really slimming down the CJ banners. Here’s what works though, I push my landing page using Instagram, but when people google those specific bike models, the SER’s are insane and on top of page one a lot. Google KLX400 or KLX400 Supermoto or KX450F MX or Honda NS50F etc. People end up clicking through and buying a lot of stuff. I’m in-house with Motorcycle Superstore the big player at 10%, but their reports are monthly. I now only promote MotoSport through CJ for the live reporting. Just a glimpse into my little world. Grassroots motorcycle affiliate marketing. This is just a campy, corny site for fun, thanks for reading and no need to post all of this of course. I appreciate the honesty, very cool!!! -Greg

  • One quick note on my site and thanks for the honest critique! It really helps! I consider it a campy online motorcycle photo album with my own pics and unique text with CJ banners and it actually works well for that audience.. I ran 3 forums in the past and have a few sites now. I’d love to put your quote on my landing page looking like a movie review if its ok, lol. Love it!! Thanks for everything. Email me anytime. -Greg

  • Hey Nicky! Loved the show, would have loved to hear even more actionable black hat tips! We also talked about your podcast on the Daily Blogcast for internet marketing podcast. If you want to listen to it, you can find it here:

    Facebook Goes Ballistic (Ep. 084)

  • Nicky, love the contrarian point of view! So key to study all sides of a subject before rushing to judgment, OR before marketing ;)

  • Great pocast Nicky! Does Micha have a blog?

  • I lived down Pattaya way in 2001. Im anxious to move back but haven't figured out this affiliate marketing stuff enough to support myself. Glad I found the website. You talk about the steps, how about a wso style course showing an actual campaign that worked. Not the warrior forum bs but the real thing. I think most of us would pay to see it. I know I would.

  • That’s good to know, thanks! I built a small clickable banner at the bottom of each one of my pages from a screenshot of your comment about my site. It honestly really nails it about what my site is truly about. I’m honored for sure. I’d love to send you one of my blue website t-shirts, they’re actually pretty cool. I’m in Md. Email me an address if possible. I can send it anywhere you prefer. I’m on Instagram at motorcycling_online. Can’t wait for Podcast 003. Thanks for your wisdom since 2007. -Greg

  • Hey Nicky, been a reader for ages but never tuned into your podcast before, going to listen to the first one after hearing the first, loving the cake show, keep it up bro!

  • I absolutely loved your blog and off course those interesting podcasts.

  • XRumer 12 rulezz!! Thank you!

  • Hi Nicky, excellent podcast with Micha! Would love to have his contact/email as promised at the end of the podcast but don't see it on your site. Can you please forward.

    Btw, I came over from Matthew Woodward's post

  • haha, it's super classy.

    Great podcast, looking forward to more.

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