The Cake Show Podcast 001 – Build an Automated E-Commerce Empire


Hey everybody, Nickycakes is excited to announce the first episode of The Cake Show Podcast!

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In the first episode, guest Patrick Kelly talks about how you can start up your own e-commerce shops with very little initial investment.  Also discussed are the benefits to living in southeast asia as an online business guy.

The basic steps for starting up a new e-commerce shop are:

  • Sign up for Shopify (free trial, about $30/mo after that), hosts the shop, handles payments, etc,  or woo commerce if you want a wordpress plugin solution.
  • Register with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Order a small initial quantity of product, from anywhere that can put the correct labeling on it, and have it shipped to FBA.  A good place to start is Alibaba
  • Connect your Shopify store with FBA (very easy process), which automatically handles all inventory counts, etc, and ships your product automatically when someone buys.

Nicky is in the process of setting one up himself to try it out, and will report back later with the results.

Did you like/hate the episode?  Want to hear from a specific person or about a specific topic in an upcoming recording?  Please leave a comment below!

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