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A4D Meetup 2014

That’s right folks, the annual A4D meetup in sunny San Diego, CA is less than 2 weeks away.  It is hands down, the most informative conference/meetup in the industry and it’s completely 100% free.  It’s being held at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego, as usual, on Saturday, June 21st.

If you’ve never been to this event, it’s really ridiculously good.  Ever year Jason (smaxor), the owner of A4D manages to get together an awesome group of people from the online marketing industry who are willing to share really profitable info, unlike the sessions at other conferences which are packed full of big name internet hundredaire bloggers who talk about how to get next months $1000 adsense check by begging for backlinks on digitalpoint forums.


This years lineup includes Jason himself, of course, and some other absolute giants in the industry who generally keep to themselves outside of this yearly meetup:

  • Rob Berkowitz/Seyamack Kouretchian from Coast Law Group
    These are the guys to know if you have any legal questions about online marketing.  McRetard probably should have consulted these guys before becoming the biggest crash-and-burn disaster of the affiliate marketing world in 2014.
  • Malan Darras
    Huge affiliate.  Learn from this guy.
  • Lars Callary of Future Ads
    Don’t know this dude, but looks legit.
  • Zack Linford founder of Optimozo
    This is seriously the smartest dude in the industry when it comes to conversion optimization.  Serious passion for stats.  Bring a notepad.
  • Sergey Sundukovskiy works with smaxor on some game stuff
    Ran some big companies and stuff.  Not sure what he’s gonna talk about but apparently a pretty smart guy.
  • Zeal Caiden of Zealous Influence
    Not sure who this guy is but jason doesn’t usually pick anyone to speak unless they’re good.

On top of all that, there will be an after party at Float (the rooftop bar/lounge) and knowing the San Diego crew, probably tables/bottles at some rad club afterwards.

If you can afford the few hundred dollars it will cost you for a plane ticket and hotel room, you really have NO excuse to miss this.

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