“Super Affiliate” Zac Johnson Steals Landing Pages From Newbies

A few months ago, Nickycakes was contacted by someone who goes to school with him about Affiliate Marketing. This guy, let’s call him Joe, was just getting started with learning SEO, PPC, and other aspects of making money online. Like many others, including the Cakes, he was desperately trying to find decent information online to help him get started, having read pretty much every crappy thread on digitalpoint and come up with pretty much nothing other than how to run zip submits and ringtones on adwords. Over the past few months, Nickycakes and Joe met up a couple times to get lunch and talk about campaigns, traffic sources, affiliate networks, school, whatever.

Long story short, after only a couple months, the dude’s bankin 6 figs a month. Awesome success story, especially for someone so new to the industry.

Today, “Joe” contacted Nickycakes with a problem. Someone jacked his landing page, almost word for word, and reposted it as their own. Not exactly uncommon, especially with bottom feeders from digital point struggling to make a few bucks on adsense every day. If it’s just one of those idiots, a simple email asking them to remove the stolen content would probably be enough to get them to take it down. Well, as it turns out, it’s not just any digital point retard. It’s one of the self-proclaimed “Super Affiliates.” But don’t take the Cakes’ word for it, let the screenshots do the talking!

Joe’s Landing Page:

Joe’s Paypal Receipt For The Landing Page Design (June 3rd, 2008):

“Super Affiliate” Ripped Off Landing Page:

Whois Record For The Jacked Page (Regged Jun 5, 2008):

So Nickycakes’ first reaction was like…WTF? This self-proclaimed “Super Affiliate” Zac Johnson is resorting to stealing newbies landing pages to make his campaigns? Not only that, but the dude has made two posts about running this very campaign on his blog trying to get people to sign up with his advaliant referral id like he deserves commissions for ripping off his industry peers.

The designer was, of course, contacted to make sure there was no possibility that he had sold the same landing page copy to Zac as well.

It absolutely blows my mind that this clown actually gets invited to speak at affiliate marketing events. The dude doesn’t even know how to register a domain with private whois, stoops to stealing landing pages from other, more intelligent affiliates, and expects nobody to find out? This is the guy everyone looks to for advice?

Bottom line is, if you’re such an expert with PPC and Affiliate Marketing, you would never need to steal the hard work of newbie affiliates to make a few bucks.


Peanut Gallery

  • I’m personal friends with the dude whos landing page was ripped off. You don’t see zac denying any of this because it’s true.

    Please, I beg you to go find some shit that I lie about on this blog.

  • It does seem kinda strange that Zac doesn’t respond to this. I’m new to AM and was following the guy like he was an affiliate god. I’d like to know if he’s anything but.

    Also, I can’t believe nickycakes would slander the guy just for fun.

  • First of all.

    I think this newbie should take this as a lesson learned.

    When you enter a industry with fierce competition. People WILL be cold-hearted and WILL have no problem stealing ALLLLL your crap…

    That’s just the name of the game.

    But I do agree. This guy is a serious jackass. But again- This stuff happens all the time.

    I remember a lawsuit with CPA Empire, they stole a landing page of a affiliate making $1K a day and then they banned him and didn’t pay him a penny.

    This stuff is common and newbies need to understand that.

    Why didn’t he get his attorney involved? Again, he let himself get pushed around.

    Any big shot guru who would have had his page stolen would have gotten his pit bull dog lawyer on the thief.

    by Ansub Chaudry
  • Thanks for calling it Cakes and making the ‘world’ aware… I’m off to get his book … : )

    Good blog post on Landing Page Theft too.

  • Great Nickycakes post/story

  • you guys are all soft, watch out for real marketers.

    landing page theft.. boohoo ;(

  • 99% are d’bag city.. rude.. disgusting.. willing to steal.. lie.. cheat.. for a dollar… Wish Anonymous would go after the a##wipes! Especially the rudes one like Chris…


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