Nickycakes is Back, Lesson Learned

Some of you may have noticed that this site was down most of today.  It probably felt like you were drowning and could not reach the surface of the water.  Much like the feeling when facebook ads were screwed up for a few days and nobody could get any impressions.  But everything is back in order.

So what happened?  Nickycakes decided it was a good idea to run this blog on the same shared hosting account with about 80 autoblogs, and the hosting provider didn’t find it amusing.   If you don’t know how shared hosting works, basically they set you up on the same webserver with a bunch of other newbs and give you plenty of bandwidth and storage space but ask you to please keep the cpu usage to a minimum.  The Cakes decided to test limit and this was the result.

Nickycakes was touched to find a thread on wickedfire dedicated to this site outage.  It’s certainly great to hear there are people who actually read this thing.

Worth noting, hostgator was plenty helpful when it came to  getting the site up and running again.  There pretty much are no drawbacks to using them.  Great customer service, cheap ass prices (for the shared hosting anyway), etc.

Now that this is all sorted out, time to go watch oceans 13.  Tomorrow you get to hear all the crap Nickycakes was planning on writing today but couldn’t.  Keep it real.

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