Newbie Guide

The Newbie Guide:

This guide was mostly created because Nickycakes was spending all day answering the same questions on aim all day long.  This guide takes you by the hand like a little kid and walks you, step by step, through literally everything you need to make millions online with affiliate marketing.  If you follow this guide and still fail, then just go work at mcdonalds.  If you find this guide helpful, please come join the party at cakes chat and say hi.

Keep it real.

Part 1 - What is Affiliate Marketing?

Part 2 – Setting Up Tracking

Part 3 – Good Affiliate Networks and Getting Approved

Part 4 – Picking What to Promote

Part 5 - Landing Pages

Part 6 - Making Campaigns

Part 7 - Split Testing Campaigns

Part 8 – Taking Over the World