Newb Guide Pt 4: Picking What to Promote

This is part 4 of Nickycakes’ affiliate newbie guide.  Please go read the previous parts if you have not already.

Ok, so you have your tracking set up, you are approved at some affiliate networks, what do you do next?  Well, now you have to pick what you want to advertise.  Since, like Nickycakes, you probably have about 0 real world marketing experience, you probably have no idea what to do.   And even if you DID have an idea what to promote, it would be wrong.  That is why you really have only 2 options: asking someone, and trial and error.  You will be using a combination of both.

When Nicky got started, he tried to promote a bunch of stuff that he thought would do well, and it all failed.  Then he started randomly picking stuff that he never thought would ever do well in a million years, and guess what happened…he found some profitable campaigns.

Ask Someone

Go to your affiliate managers at all the networks you are signed up with and ask them to pick 1 offer for you that they think you could have the most succeses with.  If they recommend one that has already been recommended to you by another AM, ask for another.  Get a list of 3-5 and write them down.  Affiliate managers are a great resource for this because they know exactly what is doing well for other people.  They know what a lazy newbie like you can do well with, so just ask.

Pick a Few at Random

Pretty simple…go through the list of offers and literally pick a couple random ass ones.  As mentioned earlier, you suck at marketing, so throwing a dart at a dartboard or banging your face forecefully against the keyboard will certainly provide better results than your best instincts.

Combining the two should give you like 5-7 offers to get started with.  Make sure you write them down, along with the network that they’re on and what the payouts are, because that stuff is easy to lose track of.

This post is rather short, but it will probably take you a while to get done, so get started.

Next post is about landing pages.

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