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Most affiliates Nickycakes has talked with recently have been in the dating or adult dating space.  This tried-and-true vertical has been making people money forever.  In fact, Nicky’s first profitable campaign was running dating ads when FB ads first launched.

Things have changed since 2007, though, and now people are running different dating offers, and using pre-sale pages mostly.  Pretty easy to set up, just get hosting, throw up a pre-sale, run traffic, and collect your money if it converts.  But surely you can squeeze more money out of your traffic.  Just a 10 cent EPC improvement can often make a HUGE difference if you’re running volume.

Recently a few pubs have been asking Nicky just that: How can we make more money with our affiliate campaigns?  Can we collect the data and monetize it?

Well, as much as Nickycakes likes to hate on the guru info product industry, there are a few things you can take from their strategies, and the best one is their list building strategies.

Email List opt-in example from

Email List opt-in example from

The idea is simple: on your pre-sell, pop up a box asking the user to enter their email in exchange for tips/updates/a free e-book/whatever, and they will be added to your marketing list where you can email them other offers until they unsubscribe.

Step 1: Sign up for GetResponse

Nicky has tried a few different email services including Aweber and iContact, and GetResponse seems to be the easiest option for this, and has a 30 day free trial.  Some people recommended MailChimp, but they don’t allow any affiliate products according to their terms.  Useless.

Click to sign up free: here.

Step 2: Build Your Form

Building your opt-in form in getresponse

Building your opt-in form in getresponse

In getresponse they have a form builder thing where you can build a signup form for your list, and then just paste the code on your page.

Make sure you set the pop-up type.

Make sure you set the pop-up type.

It’ll pop the form up after a certain number of seconds, and will only show every X days per user depending on how you set it up.  Super easy to get started.

Step 3: Build AutoResponder Path

An autoresponder path is just a series of emails that will be sent to people who sign up to your list automatically.  You should, for example, send your new subscribers an initial email right away with whatever content you offered them, such as your guide to dating, or 5 tricks for losing weight.  Then every X number of days send them a new email with a different offer.  For dating you could email them other dating websites, pickup artist products, or even male enhancement stuff.  For diet, or any other list that is heavy with middle-aged females (such as coupons), the possibilities are endless.  Diet, skincare, bizopp, health, insurance, anything works here.

Getresponse has a really straightforward wizard for setting up the autoresponders and dumping in your content.  EZPZ.

Step 4: Profit

If you do this right, you start thinking of your traffic in terms of LTV (lifetime value) instead of just arbitraging affiliate commissions.  As your list keeps growing, you make more and more money.  If you aren’t doing this, it’s basically money on the table that you’re missing.  It only takes a couple hours to set up, and you add some real longevity to your previously short-term campaigns.


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Peanut Gallery

  • ever have success with download+form fill CPA offers? Also can you do a post on tracking adspend/conversions?

  • "What exactly would you like to know about tracking that stuff?"
    How much data do you need before deciding to pause an ad (e.g. 2 x lead payout to test if an ad converts)?

    [Reason: I just spent $5k on adwords and lost $1.5k.]


    • I think 5k is a fairly large budget to just dump into the initial spend, and would suggest something more along the lines of a few hundred max. That being said, if I’m reading that right, and you spent $5k and got back $3.5k in rev without any optimization, split testing, payout haggling, etc, then you’ve got yourself a campaign that might as well be profitable.

  • Thanks for your comments, Nicky.

    “I think 5k is a fairly large budget to just dump into the initial spend, and would suggest something more along the lines of a few hundred max.”

    Yes, I ‘think’ this is true for most other traffic sources. But this was Adwords and in the finance niche so click costs were high (Av CPC = $6-10), and I had over 700 keywords to test to get what I ‘thought’ was enough data.

    It was a learning experience. What I learn’t:
    - Have a fixed testing budget (with Adwords limit the number of keywords)
    - Test same offer from different networks (I only tested one)
    - Even though you make a loss (and the network/merchant/traffic source makes money) you now have data you can use to optimise the campaign.
    - Sometimes you just have to realise it’s a rubbish offer and just have to move on

  • Email marketing with the help of GetResponse! Nice and great that the step by step guide is clear and explained well. Hmmn well you have a 30 day free trial to make a decision and test if you will use this email marketing software.

    This comment was left in where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

  • This is great, thanks. These email and landing pages services are wonderful. There are adding lots of good stuff, surveys, forms, all kinds of pages. There are simply less and less excuses for procrastinators like me to avoid pulling the trigger…
    I had just signed up with Mailchimp before reading this and had forgotten they dont allow affiliate offers. So I have decided I will use it for my Ecommerce site where I sell directly the things I make.

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