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Ok, so Nickycakes doesn’t mind being contacted on aim/msn/whatever, otherwise he wouldn’t put his contact information on this site. But sometimes, things get a little out of hand. It’s really hard to walk every newb through step by step how to make money with PPC. Some people even go so far as to offer half of the profits from whatever campaigns the Cakes helps out with, which is generous, but honestly, there’s not enough time in the day. And Nicky could just make the campaigns himself and keep all the profits.

So where can you get started with learning the ins and outs of the PPC affiliate marketing game?

Let me first say that Nickycakes will never even talk about a network/service/whatever unless it’s something he’s personally used and found to be good, unlike other bloggers who promote worthless crap like affspy.

Anyway, at the end of January, Nickycakes was chattin with Ruck from CashTactics about adwords. More specifically, ways the Cakes could suck less at it. Ruck was like…look, go check out this site called PPC Coach run by this dude from WickedFire forums. Let’s just say that Nicky hates paying for anything, especially services that sound like a subscription to a big e-book, but whatever. If it sucked, then it would be fun to post about what a crappy service it was anyway.

PPC Coach is basically a forum, tools, and videos about affiliate marketing with search engine ppc. As far as the forums go, you start out with access to the general forum, and the Month 1 section which teaches you how to do basic stuff like google content network to zip submits. Every month after that, a newer, more advanced section is opened for you, giving you time to get a full grasp of the basics before trying to move on to harder stuff and potentially losing a lot of money.

Another benefit of that incremental system is account history. A month is plenty of time to build up a good account history with adwords so you won’t be paying out the ass when starting your big money campaigns.

The videos were pretty helpful too. They’re basically just vids of the dude running the website showing you how to set up campaigns and use different tools to get keywords, build landing pages for good quality score, and other stuff like that.

The real good part of the site, though, is the tools section. Even for someone with a lot of experience with adwords, it would be worth the money to sign up just for the tools. Seriously. Want to build a 5k keyword campaign without garbage keywords in like 15 minutes, complete with ads, bids, destination urls, and everything else? Yeah, they got a tool for that.

There are a few things they probably should have included on the site that Nickycakes thinks were missing. One of the biggest things new affiliates miss when getting started with PPC is good tracking and testing software. It’s SOOO important to be able to track down to the keyword, location, time of day, etc, how well your traffic is converting. When you start getting to the point where you’re spending thousands a day on traffic, this can mean the difference between making 300% back on what you spend, or having a mediocre campaign where you make less in profit than what you spend.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out if you’re struggling to get into affiliate marketing. Here’s the link again: PPC Coach.

If you know of any other good resources for newbs getting started, send em along to Nickycakes so he can take a look. There may be a newbie resource guide in the works or something, who knows.

Edit: If you’ve used this service, or signed up through this post, please leave a comment about how you like it.

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