Leadscon 2014 Las Vegas (With Discount Code)

Leadscon Las Vegas 2014

Hey everyone, Leadscon Las Vegas 2014 is coming up!  It’s going down March 25th and 26th at the good ol’ Mirage hotel, as usual.  If you haven’t been to Leadscon before, and are doing, or plan to do anything in the leadgen space, you really can’t miss this show.

Leadscon and Affiliate Summit are the best 2 shows to hit up for Affiliate Marketers, with Ad:Tech being a distant third, but Leadscon takes the cake as far as getting actual business done.  Way less of a party atmosphere than Affiliate Summit, meaning none of the retards (if you turn a blind eye to hasoffers being there) standing in the way of you and you making profitable relationships.

The exhibitor list is always packed with companies that you’d probably have no other way of making relationships with, and this year is no exception.  You can check it out for yourself here.

As an affiliate, this show is what you can use to bring your campaigns to the next level, or even branch out into becoming a merchant.  Many of the companies represented at the show will let you post them leads directly in some form or another, opening the door for building your own offers in almost any vertical you can imagine.

As an existing leadgen advertiser, you probably don’t need Nickycakes to tell you how awesome leadscon is, because you’ve most likely already been to one or two yourself, but if you haven’t, you are really hurting yourself by not showing up.

Even as a local business of some sort, who might be in the market for some local leads in their area, this is a great place for you to acquire the technology and partners you could use to get more customers.  There are tons of affiliates and lead brokers who would love to find some local shops to make targeted campaigns for.

Anyway, Jay, the guy who runs leadscon, was nice enough to give Nicky a coupon for all the awesome Nickycakes.com readers to use to get $150 off the ticket price.  At the time of this article, the full price is $845, but it jumps to $1045 on March 1.

Signup Link and Discount Coupon Code:

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$150 Discount Code: Nicky

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