Goober Camp: The Pathetic Dregs of Affiliate Marketing Society


Ok, so first a little background on the person/site in question. Uber Camp is a site started by Paul Bourque of UberAffiliate. UberAffiliate is an Affiliate Marketing blog, much like this one, run by a self proclaimed “super affiliate.” The blog was started about a year or so ago by Paul when he started making a little money online. In fact, his blog was one one of the reasons Nickycakes started marketing with Facebook Ads (although pauls post on the subject was both outdated and lacking any good info on making money). At first, his blog had some decent information on making money online. He posted a few good tips on search ppc or whatever. Nothing groundbreaking or original, mind you, but there was a little good info in there. After a while, however (and by a while, Nickycakes means a few months,) he started posting about nothing, like most of the make money online blogs. Pretty much every post was devoid of any useful information, or was just linkbait. There were the cliche “look how much money i made last month” posts, and the “everyone’s hating on me posts,” as well as the double digit question-and-answer series that he did when he had absolutely nothing to write about himself. He did a few retarded team-linkbait posts with John Chow (who we all know is pretty much the lowest of the low when it comes to marketing blogs.) So why the sudden decline in quality content?

Well, the answer is, the dude really isn’t that much of an “Uber” anything. He got lucky when someone shared ONE decently profitable keyword with him, which he milked for all it was worth for a few months by having a good payout on a popular campaign. That’s it. After that fell through, and he had split up his experience getting lucky and making a little money online into a bunch of “expert” ppc info posts, there wasn’t really anything left to write about.

Does he still make a lot of money online? Not really. In the first place, he loves to post about all the revenue he made, but not the profit. He openly admits to spending a ton of money (6 figs) on campaigns for little or no profit. I guess that’s good for credit card points or whatever, but that’s not what could be labeled as success. Until about a month ago, the dude was living in his moms basement. Now he took the big leap and move out of his moms place and into a $200,000 house. $200,000….. Rowhouses in Inglewood cost less than that. That’s like putting plastic spinning hubcaps on your Toyota Tercel.

Ok well enough background, let’s talk about Uber Camp. About a month ago he asked on his blog if anyone would pay $500 for a 3 hour phone conversation with him in which he helped give tips on making money online with PPC. There was a post on wickedfire about it in which everyone had a good laugh at his expense and told him he was a retard. It was pretty much the joke of the industry for about a week and the nickycakes IRC chat had a good laugh as well. He then got defensive (as he is prone to doing in such situations) and said it was merely hypothetical and that he was thinking of starting some sort of consulting service. This was also laughed at since pretty much everyone who makes decent money in this industry knows that the kid has barely any marketing experience to speak of. Because of posts like that, many have branded him a scammer who preys on newbs, and rightly so. Well, today he announced his big project, UberCamp. Uber Camp is a paid forum, run by Paul, in which he will be posting some “case studies” and letting people help eachother make money online.

Wow, that sounds a lot like pretty much every FREE affiliate marketing forum that exists on the net. So it must be pretty cheap right? WRONG. He’s charging $199 a month for BASIC access which includes…access to the forums… But, if that’s not enough for your needs, you can upgrade to Platinum in which you supposedly get 1-on-1 help from Paul himself. And how much will this run you? $5000 a month. Dude, Paul, you barely MAKE $5000 a month. Why the hell would anyone pay $5000 a month to get 1-on-1 help from you? Nickycakes spends probably 3 hours a day helping people who send him questions on MSN, and you don’t see him charging a dime for it, and that goes for tons of other people who make real money online who answer questions for free all day long. Why? Because they love the industry and are tired of people like Paul, John Chow, Shoemoney, Amit Mehta, etc, scamming people out of their hard earned cash when they’re just getting started in the business.

Oh, and guess what, there already are paid PPC information forums that are established and full of great information, like PPC-Coach. PPC-Coach costs $50 a month and you get MORE than the $5000 platinum plan that Paul’s offering. The dude who runs it helps people 1-on-1 all the time for free, has (many) videos, awesome tools, tutorials, and most importantly, REAL EXPERIENCE, which you’ll never find on a site run by uberaffiliate.

If you’re one of the die-hard uberaffiliate fanboys, you’re probably asking yourself “Hey Nickycakes, how the hell do you know if his forum is good or not if you’ve never seen it LOLOL???” Well, that’s really freakin simple. There are only 2 pieces of really valuable information when it comes to PPC. The first is learning how to set up and run ppc campaigns properly. That part is easy, and the information is, for the most part, freely available. If you struggle, paid sites like PPC Coach can help you get a better grasp. The second, and important piece of information regarding making money with PPC and Affiliate Marketing is this: YOU NEED TO GO TRY STUFF UNTIL SOMETHING WORKS. This tidbit is given out absolutely free, probably thousands of times a day. Seriously, the only way you’re going to make money is by testing out your own campaigns until you find profitable ones and then optimizing/repeating until you’re rich.

Feel free to paypal Nickycakes $5000 for that last paragraph, because it’s better info than you’ll get from any 1-on-1 with Paul. Or better yet, go put that $5000 on the Lakers and actually get some return on your investment.

Peanut Gallery

  • @ppcrocks: hell man, just the tools section alone is worth every penny, regardless of your level of experience. i found the forums to be great for answering any newbie to intermediate questions.

  • @hello: even a noob like me has made about $5k (profit, not rev) over the past two months with stuff Nicky has posted about and/or services/networks he has recommended. I’ll probably pull in $7k-$8k this month alone. Not bad for spending 2-3 hours a day on it.

    @ppcrocks: PPC-Coach stagnant? I fail to see what you’re referring to. It’s the best $50 a month I’ve ever spent.

  • Mmmmhmmm. I’m linking to this nicky, good stuff.

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  • Great post Nicky, at first I thought Uber’s posts might be useful but after reading about how he is turning twenty soon (for the past 7 posts at least) I was getting pretty bored and when I saw Uber Camp emerge & the crazy prices associated with it, I just laughed out loud and unsubscribed.

  • Cake, I added you on msn, hoping to have a little chat w/ you on this subject and

  • It all depends if the marketing is done right he will get that $5,000 easy.

  • Speaking of the Lakers, did anyone bet on the last game Vs the Spurs? I bet on the Lakers of course…even though they were -7. And thanks to Sasha Vujacic shooting that completely unnecessary 3 pointer at the last second, the Lakers won by 8. Woo! That’s all.

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  • I’ve had first hand experience with Paul’s shady side. I IMed him and asking for help and got no response. Then a few days later I IMed him saying I know how to make $500/month off of $50 and he responded right away. We agreed to give one another a real useful tip and after telling him my trick he gave me something useless thats been exploited.

    I learned the hard way but its only made me better. As for Paul the best of luck to you and your shady ways.

  • Hey Nickycakes,

    What a rant. I think he launches these stupid programs and collects the database of n00bs who are willing to spend and then share it with others like Chow, Mehta and shoemoney so they can milk away all the moolah from them too.
    ROFL. Hillarious to hear that platinum membership fees costs $5k

  • lol, nice bait Cakes!

    I wouldn’t pay it but I do think there will be some decent information between the various members that do join up. Just like any forum, there are a few that really make it worth the time to read. And having what is effectively a closed membership, or at least pretty limited, would help make people more prone to sharing better info.

    As for the blog, I do think he has some great info. Not many blogs are 100% qualify money making post…and to be honest, Cakes, a pretty small percentage of your own post are 1337 ;).

    I don’t know how much Paul actually makes but I have to give him props on the forum idea and the marketing he did to set it up. I mean 80 x $200 a month isn’t all that bad and if he can keep people subscribed and add more happy subscribers the forums alone could be a great money maker.

    Cakes, why don’t you start a forum where you pay users to join up and share their ideas with you ;).

  • Well, I still think Nickycakes has a small weener which he needs to compensate by accusing almost every other successful internet marketer of being either a scammer or a noob. Whatever, I barely read Pauls Blog nor do I read this one here often, but I must say that the last paragraph Nicky (Which is a Girls Name in Germany btw.) is absolutely correct! So before paying $5k to someone you don’t know really, go out and invest this money in a ton small campaigns in a ton of different niches, then stick with the stuff you’ve discovered that works!

  • I decided to apply and got a membership just for giggles – I never expected anything real of it.

    So far all it has been is some idiots asking for help with landing pages and 4-5 “active” posters. Paul really doesn’t share anything of much value and from what I can tell it’s his last attempt to make any money online…. I think one of his most recent posts talked about him wanting to be a personal trainer…. maybe that’s all he’s going to have left after he becomes the joke of the AM community.

  • “Well, I still think Nickycakes has a small weener which he needs to compensate by accusing almost every other successful internet marketer of being either a scammer or a noob.”

    Either that or he actually enjoys doing people a favor by guiding them in the right direction (how they should money). The primary purpose of this blog has always been to help people.

  • “Well, I still think Nickycakes has a small weener which he needs to compensate by accusing almost every other successful internet marketer of being either a scammer or a noob.” (No He doens’t have a small weener) If NickyCake was gay like me, I will definately ask him out…

    Nicky you rock man!! You are not only a hot guy and a big weener, but also have the balls to speak up and open people’s eyes. Hoenstly keep being this awesome dude!

  • Wow, can you at least send his kiddies a check for $100 and tell them you are sorry you just killed their daddy… perhaps the $100 will help pay the mortgage on the whopping 200k home. I am new to nickycakes, but I am loving what I am reading. Kinda been hoping there was more to the mainstream affiliate marketing game then watching John Chow videos about how he took a shit today and monetized the toilet bowl.

  • But what about his guest post on shoemoney about making $10,000-$15,000/day by Pwning Facebook? LOL

    He also claims you Wicked fire guys had a hand in ruining it for him. ;)

  • don’t be a douchebag man, let you do your thing, and let paul do his. stop acting jealous about shit.

    and what nicky, you live in a $1,000,000 home? paul’s new house is nice, stop hatin, it gets you nowhere.

    quit the link bait shit

    by nickydontbeadouche
  • Dude, trust me, I’m not jealous of anything. I’m trying to make sure people know that this is a complete scam. I could care less about “linkbait”.

    As for where I live, it’s an awesome apartment right at the edge of campus here at school. I have another year here before I look for a nice place to live =)

  • yous guys are phunny.

    by wigger mcgavin
  • Nickycackes, I have to agree with you that he is a spammer and occasional lier. I remember when he posted a review post on John Chow’s blog, he intentionally changes his RRS subscriber to something like 13000. There was a big controversy over that but that was done to grab attention of people and he succeeded on attracting crowds of people to his blog over that.

    But one thing I don’t agree is that why you think he is not a supper affiliate. I don’t think anyone can pretend to be super affiliate and not get caught. I know his AM and according he makes good money. Also, I don’t think Amit Mehta can be labeled as scam or a hoax. The guy is genuinely good I believe.


  • “But one thing I don’t agree is that why you think he is not a supper affiliate. I don’t think anyone can pretend to be super affiliate and not get caught.”

    Haha. I will pay uniqueblogdesigns to make me a super affiliate blog, fake my subscriber count, and then go around calling myself a super-duper affiliate. My blog will be filled with recycled WF posts and other recycled content from places like say, earner’s blog. And you’re going to prove that I’m not a super affiliate how exactly?

    by Jack Rackath
  • Don’t believe the people claiming to share their success secret, at most u will only get good tips from them, not secrets, no one is that good, not in the business world

  • Hey – I have spinning hubcaps on my Toyota Tercel. Kidding.

    This is what’s wrong with IM – mind you, it’s also the individuals fault for falling prey to the slick marketing tactics. It is amazing how “they” can package rehashed stuff and sell it again and again…

    I spent a ton of $$$ and now am so very cautious about everything that I get via e-mail.


  • This is the very reason most people fail at PPC. Everyone says they have the best information that’ll make them the most money, but it ends up being recycled and regurgitated information that can be found online for free.

    I appreciate your honesty and will be sure the refer to your site for support.

  • hehe, awesome post, btw. his blog is no more

  • Speaking of the Lakers, did anyone bet on the aftermost bold Vs the Spurs? I bet on the Lakers of course…even admitting they were -7. And acknowledgment to Sasha Vujacic cutting that absolutely accidental 3 arrow at the aftermost second, the Lakers won by 8. Woo! That’s all.

  • I was a user of Pauls ubercamp a few years back. He was the FIRST person in the industry to show how profitable ACAI could be. I made a lot of money following his advice.


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