Gaming Twitter for Thousands Of Backlinks

Nickycakes started using twitter like a week ago, and already, the potential for using it to automatically build links to a site has become pretty obvious.

A few things to note when trying to game twitter:

  • Twitter has millions of indexed user feeds.  A simple search for on google shows over 3 million.
  • Writing applications to  automatically post to twitter is super-easy.  They even suggest doing it with their twitter api, which is easily done up in curl.
  • Twitter no-follows links posted on your feed.  If they are over a certain length, they are shortened to tinyurls.  Even though they no-follow, there are websites that scrape and post all the twitter feeds that may or may not be do-follow.
  • There are tons of applications that allow you to easily post to twitter, and when you use them to post, a do-follow link is shown to that application:


So how can we game this functionality for tons of do-follow links?  Slightly involved process, but really not that hard.

In order to have your application name and link posted when your app is used for posting, you have to first create an app, and then submit the webpage for approval with the twitter staff.  Any old app will do.  Just make some crappy php code that can be embedded on peoples webpages that lets them post to their twitter or something, throw it up on a webpage to let people download it, and then submit it to twitter for approval.

After it’s approved, it’s pretty easy to write up a program in curl to create accounts, follow random people, post whatever.  Make a few hundred/thousand accounts, and automatically post some random messages on them.

When you feel comfortable with the number of messages posted, use a 301 redirect on the page that you originally submitted as your application’s url, which will now be indexed on thousands of pages, to the page of your choosing, and watch the link juice bombard your site to the top of ze serps.

There are dozens of other ways to game twitter, and this is probably one of the more complicated of them.  So get to work before it’s too late!

Keep it real.

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