FTC Hits Eagle and Glazers for SMS Spam: 200k Each Plus Bentley

vito glazers ryan eagle ftc

Looks like the FTC just filed a judgement against Ryan Eagle of Eagle Web Assets and Vito Glazers of CPA Tank for about $200,000 each, plus Vito has to sell his Bentley.  Nickycakes didn’t read through the whole thing, but looks like they were running sms spam to free gift card zip submits (but let’s be real,  who HASN’T done that).  Anyway, feel free to check it out for yourself:

Read the PDF


Ps: Nickycakes did not fully read the pdf due to sheer laziness and the fact that his house of cards marathon has not yet been completed, so even the few sentences he wrote above could be wildly inaccurate.  Allegedly.

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