Fake Out Your Adwords Competitors With Location Targeting

Want to mess with your competitors on Google Adwords? All you need to know is their location.

You can find the location of your competitors through various means. If you know the location of the business you’re competing against for a certain keyword, that’s usually enough. You can also check the whois information on their domains. Contacting them via email and chatting it up to get this info works too.

So the basic idea is this. Set up a dummy campaign in adwords and location target it to a 50 mile radius of your competitor. Import the keywords you’re competing with them on. Make some horrendously crappy ads and really low bids, just for that area.


When they search for the keyword you’re competing on, they’ll see their ad higher than yours, possibly prompting them to lower their bids, when in fact, you’re actually showing up in a higher location everywhere else in the country.

Want to prevent this from happening to you? Just use G’s Ad Preview Tool to check how the ads show up in other areas of the country. But it’s pretty unlikely your competition will be thinking of this if they haven’t read this post ;]

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