ClickBooth vs Wickedfire – Hilarity in the Making


Disclaimer: This is all second hand observation and does not reflect the opinions of anyone.  Please assume there is an “[allegedly]” before every sentence.

Update: [allegedly] Clickbooth sued Jon Fisher who was forced to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount and remove any posts talking bad about clickbooth from their forum.  Actions like these reflect much more poorly on their network than any forum posts could have possibly.

It all started exactly a year ago. On March 9, 2007, Stojan, member of Wickedfire forums made a post inquiring about the status of Clickbooth. He had not heard back from them after repeated attempts to contact the company, and had not received the money owed to him for over 2 months. Obviously concerned, he asked what the deal was. His issue was apparently resolved rather quickly, however, something funny happened. Other members of the forum started chiming in about how they had been screwed over by clickbooth and then lied to about where their money was, or ignored completely. Lisa, an employee of ClickBooth then responded to one of these claims by saying the individual had been sending them spammy traffic from Craigslist, and proceeded to post their private affiliate stats on the forum to prove it. Naturally, people on WF got pretty upset about this. Eli, WF moderator, and author of BlueHatSEO, jumped in and edited out the private information that the ClickBooth employee had posted. The thread got fun after that. Another member of WF, posted that it was kind of a joke that they would withhold payment because traffic was coming from Craigslist, implying that they normally accept this kind of traffic. That’s when things got interesting.

Rather than apologize for posting one of their members private information on a public forum, as they should have done, John Lemp (owner of ClickBooth) contacted Jon (owner of WickedFire) demanding that the posts by the WF member implying that ClickBooth accepted spammy traffic from Craigslist be removed, and that Eli be fired for erasing the information posted by his employee. Jon was understandably completely floored by this laughable demand and was naturally upset.

Please keep in mind that, at this point, Jon (WF owner) was a little bit biased because he had recently been in negotiations with John Lemp over some domain deal which Lemp had apparently lied about and tried to pull some shady maneuvers in the contract or something. Not really sure about that part, as it was too boring to follow, but it’s important to keep in mind.

So after getting upset over Lemp’s demands, on May 15th, 2007, Jon made the notorious ClickBooth Poll post on Wickedfire. In this post, Jon presented most of the information he had available to him at the time about the situation, and asked the users of Wickedfire to decide if John Lemp, Lisa, and the rest of the employees should be banned from WickedFire. If you have some time to spare, please read the post. It is absolutely hilarious at parts. They both get into a giant e-peen battle, throwing insults back and forth, but in the end, it’s pretty clear that Jon was the winner. He had asked Lemp several key questions over and over throughout the thread, which, had they been answered, would have probably spared ClickBooth’s reputation and let them continue business as usual. They were, however, never answered, and the results of the poll were clear. Over 86% voted to ban ClickBooth from Wickedfire.

ClickBooth proceeded to send 2 Cease and Desist letters to WickedFire in a feeble attempt to get all this bad press erased from the forum. They promised to sue if their demands were not met. Jon said that he would not be removing anything, and to bring on the lawsuit, knowing they had no case.

In December, 2007, a few months ago, a poll thread pops up on WickedFire by a disgruntled affiliate called More ClickBooth Fraud. He claims to have been screwed out of several thousand dollars by ClickBooth for no reason, and says he can’t even get in contact with them to ask why. Many people replied saying they had been completely screwed by ClickBooth too, for much more money. Some for over $30k.

Fast forward to the present. Clickbooth is now making good on their threat to sue Jon and WickedFire if their demands to erase the negative press were not met. What are they suing for, exactly? Among other things, Emotional Distress. Sounds like Shoemoney will have a friend for his legal threat crybaby club. Now, where’s that Kleenex affiliate program when you really need it…


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