Casinos: The Worlds Greatest Landing Page


Having just returned from Vegas, Nickycakes picked up on a few good things outside of the conference.  One thing was very clear.  Casinos know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to marketing.  Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry, so you better believe they’re doing whatever it takes to get you in and spending money.  Here are the basics of how they do it:

  • Getting You To The Landing Page
    So the first, and probably most important step, is actually getting you to the casino.  Tickets to Vegas are always cheap….ALWAYS.  You could buy a ticket 2 hours before the plane left and it would cost you about $300.  Hotels are cheap.  The one Nickycakes stayed in was pretty nice and cost $60 a night.  The buffets are cheap or free and have better food than most restaurants in your hometown.  Drinks are free.  There are shows, shopping, plenty of things to see and stuff going on at all times to attract people to the city.  Think of this like clicking an ad on adwords offering a free ipod ;]
  • Getting The Conversion
    So once you’ve been suckered into coming to Vegas, they have pretty much one goal.  They want you to sit at the slot machines and pump in your money.  Slot machines have the absolute worst odds for the player winning anything and are great for the casino.  That’s why the places are full of them.  There are really no hotels in Vegas, they’re all just casinos with rooms to stay in.  To get to your room, you have to walk through rows of slot machines to get to the elevators.  The carpets are very visually confusing and designed to get you lost.  In fact, pretty much everything in the casinos are confusing to the eye except the slot machines and game tables.  Walking around is supposed to feel uncomfortable, and sitting and playing is supposed to feel good.  There are no windows or clocks.  The lights are dimmed slightly to make sure the slots are the brightest things in the room.  They don’t want you to know what time it is so you will continue to p(l)ay for as long as possible.

The place really is the ultimate landing page.  It’s been split tested, and researched to death to bring in the absolute most money possible to the casino.  So next time you’re designing and split testing a landing page, keep that in mind.  Make a version with some of the characteristics of a casino floor and see how it does.  Make everything except the call to action a little bit confusing or fuzzy.  See how it does and post your results here.

Peanut Gallery

  • strip clubs might come in 2nd for the the world’s greatest landing page.

  • every time i make a landing page that resembles a casino, i get called a spammer.

    so, either casinos is the world’s greatest spam, or I need to get the mafia behind my shit to make it mainstay.

    Hey Luigi!

  • Man the hotel I stayed at needed to work on their landing page, I’m telling you when I went to Vegas I was staying in the only hotel that did not have a flippin casino! not even one slot machine. I don;t know how I managed to get into this hotel but it stunk! on the flip it prob saved saved me lots of money lol.

  • Hey Nicky, Really cool imagination there buddy, Casino’s are really a good example of landing page.

  • An hotel in Las Vegas without slot machines could be a niche.

    A very little one :)

    by Nico Granelli
  • Must say, this is a good analagy.
    Nice imaginative thinking.

    Also got me wanting to take my next trip out to LA : )

  • Hey Nicey,
    I really appreciate the way you think. A very nice way of how to relate things in real life to things online. How you can apply real world ideas online… Very immpressed. I was planning to do something so that the Real link on my landing page gets clicked a lot of times.. thats a very good idea to increase the clickthroughs on your landing page..

  • Awesome analogy, the layout of casino’s are very much researched to make you leave with rabbit eared pockets. One of the most slickest things they do is offer you free “cocktails” while you gamble so that you have a real clear thought process while your gambling.

    While at the craps table and rolling the dice for about 30 minutes I had to fend off these beautiful foxes constantly asking me if I needed a drink, I said I’ll have a water please and my next drink was a coffee. I started losing after the coffee I can bet my life there was alcohol in there…

  • Nicky Man, You have brushen up my memories of Gambling at Nepal .. It was pretty amazing …
    I am planning to attend SMX, I hope to have some fun there..

    Are you planning to attend this season in SMX Advanced ?

  • I have to agree with you and commend you on this type of thinking, this is exactly what they do. I have landing pages for my google ads and I routinely test them but I take your point to keep the call to action clear and concise. I offer only a email link. If they want to buy they contact me, if they don’t, off they go.

  • Great analogy. No wonder I can’t ever stay away from blackjack tables!

  • Nice thinking and great article. Landing page should be attractive, eye catching and call to action.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • Yep casinos have the best marketing programs around. I know, I’ve lost enough of my money there. LOL


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