CakesTV Episode 4

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Ricardo De Sousa @ricdes

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe @nanagilbertb

Steve Howe @convert2steve 

Aaron Kelly @aaronklaw

Topics included: Productivity books, FTC/FCC and the Jeremy Johnson case, best practices for internet marketers (including legal as well as success in general), and some good questions from live chat.

The volume levels suck. Sorry. Hopefully it’ll be fixed next episode.  No show next week since Nickycakes will be at leadscon.  If you’re going to be there, drop a tweet @nickycakes if you want to hang out.

Some links from the episode:

Nana’s Book Rec: Do The Work

Ricardo’s Book Recs:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Ogilvy on Advertising

Aaron’s Book Rec: Never Eat Alone

Jeremy Johnson’s EvilFTC

No Show Next Week

Since Nicky will be at leadscon, there won’t be a live show next week, but you can catch the next one probably on March 7th.  Follow @nickycakes on twitter if you want to watch the live show and ask questions.


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