CakesTV Episode 3

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Here’s the 3rd episode of CakesTV.  Guests were:

Jason Akatiff – owner of Ads4Dough affiliate network, former affiliate

John Monarch – Successful affiliate, media buyer, stats wiz, e-famous internet personality

Cyrus Lohrasbpour – Dullspace / Masters Ranked SC2 Player


Topics ranged from gamification, good books, industry trends, benefits of presells vs. direct to offer campaigns from the viewpoints of affiliates, networks, and advertisers, as well as some awesome questions from chat.


Please leave any questions, comments, suggestions, etc in the comments!

Peanut Gallery

  • this show was excellent, the best so far! i had to listen twice as some of the terms and strategies didnt quite sink in. i brought the two books recommended and one on game design. this is a seriously groovy gig you have started up. congrats!

  • Smaxor: Thanks for the motivation to read Cashvertising. I own it, but had never read it. I am now spending my Saturday evening reading it, and my brain is overflowing with ideas to apply what I’m learning. Great book so far!

  • Great show. Tons of info.

    Any chance of hearing more about video buys? This is relevant to me interests.

  • great episode. keep em coming!

  • gamification seems to be a hot topic now, although its nothing new in practice. I recently attended a gamification session held in Toronto during Social Media Week and one of the founders at Social Game Universe gave a bunch of non-gaming examples of it, like subscription site Bottom line is that advertisers and marketers can always use more gamification techniques to drive more engagement, awareness and sales . Works especially well when you need to spice up traditionally non-sexy requests like getting users to get their friends to sign up or get them to give you feedback/reviews.

    • Yeah, I think it would work really well if you turned whatever offer you were promoting into a facebook app and wanted to add a viral element. Get achievements or points for each friend you invite, etc.

  • Great job guys – seriously, these get better every week. Learned quite a bit, especially on the value add of the network.


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