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Here is Episode 1 of CakesTV, Nickycakes’ new internet marketing webcast.  Guests this week were:

Some topics discussed were: State of the Industry, Affiliate Summit West 2012, Recent FTC Settlements, Copeac and other networks closing up shop, Leadscon, and questions from the audience about various stuff.

Links from the show:

FTC Settlements

This is a new show, so your feedback is really appreciated.  Please leave some comments here, positive or negative, so the show can be improved.  Also, if you have suggestions for guests you’d like to hear from, or topics/questions you feel need to be addressed on the show, please post those as well.

Nickycakes will try to make this a weekly thing, and just like last night, you can watch the live stream at which lets you ask questions of the guests in chat in realtime.

Thanks for watching!

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