Affiliate Marketing Hip Hop Battles Gettin’ A Lil Too Real, Yo

Alright, check it.  You thought East Coast vs West Coast beef was over in the hip hop world…WRONG….WRONG.  You thought m0serious was the realest of the real online marketing rappers…WRONG.  Listen guys…things are getting a little to real up in the affiliate marketing underground hip hop world.

First it started out with Dullspace throwin’ down the anthem where he talks about hard times and acai lead caps.  Reppin northern cali, he drops some bombs on ryan eagle and amit mehta among others, and for a while was the uncontested champ of the affiliate marketing rap game.  You can check the track here:

Everyone thought dullspace had the game sewed up, and dullspace went back to refreshing stats and pimpin acai berry thinkin’ it was safe to chill with a #1 single in the bag.  Then not even a few weeks later, he gets a bomb dropped on his own dome when previously unknown PPC rapper Timjon from the ghetto about an hour outside boston records one of the dopest tracks ever to hit online moneymakin.  It was clear that this man was about his bidness for real.  With amazing production and faster and smoother rhyming, he had the game locked down and dullspace scrambling back to the studio within a few hours.  It was kinda like when tupac would come out with a nasty dirty track that would be hot in the clubs for a few weeks and then biggie would team up with mase and puffy and throw mad production dollars in with a flashy video and just have everyone in a daze.  Anyway, here’s the track in case you missed it:

Timjon dropped more names than the Game and it seemed like he was gonna be the uncontested champ with dullspace not even showing his face on IRC probably cause he was afraid of gettign clowned…or so everyone thought.  Within like a day, dullspace claps back with not only a fresh new track but a music video complete with amex black card unboxing.  If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.  Not only on youtube but in hi def too mane.

Dullspace brings back his rough recording sound and reps northern cali affiliate marketing and at the same time clowns the shit outta timjon and puts boston online marketing raps to shame.  Will timjon make it rain again or just remain punked by dullspace forever?

If you’re an underground AM rapper and want to get your name out, go over to and drop a kite to those bammas and see whats up with getting your track on wax, ya herd?

Keep it real.

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