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Ok, so Nickycakes is, at heart, pretty lazy about some stuff.  The ad spots on this site havent changed in months and the people advertising haven’t even been billed for them in months, mostly because it’s a pain to keep track of whos buying what ads and when to bill them all for like $300 a month (total).  Not exactly something worth spending hours managing, for sure.

Anyway, the dudes at oiopublisher were nice enough to let the Cakes use their ad management software which pretty much handles all the ads.  It looks pretty simple, but the jury is still out on if it works well or whatever.  Looks pretty good from the settings and stuff.

So yeah, long story short, all the ads are cleared now, and adspace is now open.  Price is still $50 a month which is an absolute steal considering just the referrals to Advaliant from this site have made over 1mil in commissions since january.  Keep in mind, however, that Nickycakes has to approve your ad before it’s allowed on the site, so if you’re running some crappy e-book site or are an affiliate network that is well known for scamming people, please don’t even bother.

Ok and just so this isn’t a complete self promotion post, here’s a funny story about how one advertiser got one over on Nickycakes:

So, this dude bought an ad on this site a couple months ago, and since Nickycakes wasn’t approving ads prior to taking payment he had to put it up.  Well it was an ad for PPC-Coach which is a service Nickycakes has talked about quite a bit and mentions in his newbie guide.  Basically it just linked to the dude’s referral url so the guy was getting affiliate commissions anytime someone read about PPC-Coach on this site and then clicked through his ad to sign up.  Nickycakes was getting pm’s all the time saying stuff like “hey dude i signed up to ppc-coach with your referral url, i’ll let you know how i like it.”  But they were, in fact, using this dude’s referral url.  So apparently this dude does the same thing all over on many affiliate marketing related blogs, and it must be fairly successful.

With so many blogs everywhere these days and people dying to make money with them, it should be fairly easy to buy cheap adspace.  Then you just find a good product/service with a good payout (preferrably recurring) and you’re good to go.  And then hopefully you stumble upon some idiot like Nickycakes who forgets to bill you for months and you get free advertising.

Keep it real.

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