2008 Top 10 Worst Make Money Online Sites

Having had to wade through another year of god-awful “Top 10 Best” diggbait style posts, Nickycakes has yet again compiled a Top 10 WORST Make money online sites list.  If you didn’t catch last years post, chiggity check it.

Anyway, here’s the list…worst of the worst, 08:

10. Ms. Daniellems-danielle

Talk about exploiting the fact that you’re female as your only angle on getting readers.  Do you honestly think if the internet marketing crowd weren’t sex-starved parents basement dwelling nerds that you’d have made it over 100 subscribers?  Doubtful.  When you take time out of your day to make a post about a picture with you and Zac Johnson standing in front of the least unique and most overpriced waste of blog design services (unique blog designs..lol) you know your make money online blog is grasping at straws.  It’s cool though, you’ll probably get some drooling acne faced digital point reading college kid to sign up under your adbrite referral link and make you millions!  Till then, pack up shop and find a dayjob, or considering ebaying your used undergarments.  Nickycakes hears that does well with the same sorta crowd.

9. Zac Johnson – Secret Life of a Super Affiliatezac-johnson

If pretending you know about PPC and dressing up as Spiderman and going to childrens playgrounds in the daytime makes you a “super affiliate” then yes, Zac, you are Thuper…err Super..indeed!  To be fair, Zac’s blog started out ok.  He had some good tips at the beginning on how affiliate marketing worked, a few clever ideas, whatever.  And then about a year ago, it all went to crap.  Maybe he paid content writers to write his first few blog posts, and then when those articles ran out he had nothing to write for himself, who knows.  But it soon became clear that Zac had no idea about PPC.  The dude made some decent money back when Yahoo screwed up with their adsense style program and was paying people tons more than they should of per click, but after that dried up and zac’s network of myspace layout sites (lol) got flushed down the toilet, the dude had nothing.  He stuttered his way through an agonizing session at Affiliate Summit where he proved he knew absolutely nothing about PPC, and then he was caught ripping off an affiliates landing page word for word right after publishing a guide on how to make landing pages, and was trying to claim he was some kind of expert on the subject.  He’s now resorted to devoting entire posts to things like figuring out how to calculate how much money you make per hour….daily revenue / 24….you’re a genius zac…really.  This dead horse has been beaten into the ground, time to remove from your rss reader.

8.  SeoBlackhat.com


Back in early 2007, this blog/forum had a little credibility.  No longer.  The dude who runs it, Quesadilla, Godzilla, something like that, has turned into the blackhat version of shoemoney, teaming up with the most blatant retards like Marcus “i think making $1k a month cookie stuffing ebay makes me a blackhat allstar” Tandler to try and convince newbies to attend their $5k attendance fee seo gatherings.  Really? Seoktoberfest?  Nickycakes feels really sorry for whoever shelled out $5k to go hang out with this group of asshats instead of spending that money on something….significantly less lame.  Having seen pics of said event, you would have been embarassed to be caught dead at this thing.  Either way, total scam, this dude’s fallen off bigtime, and it shows.  Keep making posts nitpicking the no-follow tactics of news sites like forbes.com big guy…everyone cares..really they do.

7. TylerCruz.com


The first giant douchebag make money online blogger was obviously shoemoney.  Then someone who wanted to be like him, copied everything he did.  His name is john chow.  Then uberaffiliate copied john chow, and people copied uber, all the way down the line till you get to TylerCruz.com.  Same deal.   No good content, tons of worthless posts and contests with the hope that some whale affiliate will accidentally click his link to sign up to marketleverage, or whatever flavor of the month worthless network is sending bloggers free stuff this week, and make him $500 per month to pay for his inevitably unused gym membership and a lifetime supply of little debbies and mt dew.  Listen, bro, if you’re going to be a sheep and get one of those oh-so-gay caricatures drawn up as your blog logo, at least get one that doesn’t look 3 times as skinny as you are.  Really dude, it looks like you ate the guy in your logo.  Be realistic.

6. Daniel Kemp – One Man, One Dreamdaniel-kemp

Ok, so this guy looks like Napoleon Dynamite, and decides to take the hype that surrounded that movie and move it over into the internet marketing realm by pretending to be this really weird guy.  He frequents wickedfire forums where he prentends to be really weird, and makes these videos and really long “intellectual” posts complete with footnotes.  People do actually fall for it and it’s sometimes hard to decide who is more idiotic, kemp himself, or the people who don’t realize it’s a big show.  Really the only reason this guy is on this list is because he posts on wickedfire a lot…the blog isn’t exactly make money online related…

5.  Blackhat World


Do your biggest dreams in life involve making a few hundred dollars a day by pretending to be a girl, visiting chat rooms, and persuading horny guys to sign up to dating services under your affiliate link?  Then this forum is full of people just like you.  Sign up today.  (bhw will likely start some gay thread about this post, and then make a short rally for someone to get some russians to ddos nickycakes’ uber shared hosting acct before giving up like they give up on pretty much everything in life)

4.  Mr Javomr-javo

Have you ever had a nightmare where there was this guy who barely spoke english and kept sending you im’s every day asking you to read their awful blog posts and to submit them to digg and get your friends to read them…EVERY….DAY.   Well Mr. Javo has made that nightmare a reality.  There is probably no other blog on the internet that has so many words on it that mean so little.  When this guy first started, he contacted as many people as he could and just bugged the living crap out of them until they agreed to digg or sphinn his blog posts or subscribe to his rss feed.  He does a “blog revenue” post every month where he includes the amount of money he made total in his affiliate marketing ventures, and it’s always less than $500, yet he has written an e-book on getting started with affiliate marketing.  In addition, he has the most annoying to look at caricature blog logo ever drawn.  Gives nickycakes a headache just thinking about this guy.

3.  Digital Point Forumsdigital-point

No surprise, digital point forums makes the list yet again.  Nickycakes was attempting to not repeat any of the “winners” from last year, but really, its hard to imagine digital point could have actually gotten worse since last year, but it definately has.  The place is just a cesspool of 3rd world scammers trying to make a few dollars a month clicking their own adsense ads.  It’s really impossible to describe, and the Cakes is probably preaching to the choir here, but if you’re part of the 1% of the readers who have not been there before, you really have to see it for yourself.  Make your way to the google adsense section on a rainy sunday weekend for more laughs than you can handle.

2.  Banner Blindnessbanner-blindness

For someone who’s been in the industry for a couple years, this guy’s pathetic attempts at viral marketing would be comical if they weren’t so damn sad.  He’s another one of those john chow ripoff clones, but can’t even seem to pull that off properly.   His latest genius viral marketing plan was to hire some average looking model to dress in wrapping paper, rattle off the names of like 50 affiliate networks and make money online blogs before unwrapping herself on camera.  Well, she was clothed in a bikini underneath, and he advertised it as her getting completely naked, strike 1.  The dude obviously shelled out a ton of money for this ultimately boring ordeal, strike 2.  And he got really upset when everyone called him a failure and demanded backlinks from people for his troubles, strike 3.  Here are some simple tips to fix your blog, guy:  Get a theme that doesn’t blind people….bright pink and blue? MOAR LIKE COLORBLINDNESS.COM!  If you insist on tagging most of your posts with 100+ categories, don’t have wordpress list every category on your sidebar so that it extends about 10 times further down the page than your site content does.  Actually…the best tip to fix your blog is just quit the internet man.  Just give up.

1.  Escobar Statusescobar-status

Words do not do justice.

Keep it real.

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