2007 Top 10 Worst Sites for Making Money Online

After much re-reading of old blogs and help from some other affiliate marketing peeps, the list has finally been completed.  Nickycakes was tired of seeing all these top 10 lists of awesome stuff and decided to make a top 10 list of utter garbage.  If your site is on this list, then get with the program, because you’re worthless.

Here we go:

#10 – Make Money Online With a 13 Year Old Kid

Ok, wow, great, you’re 13 and you have a website. You read every retarded thread on digital point, hacked up john chow’s theme, made it even more tacky with adsense, and added your own worthless e-book. WHO CARES. By the way, nice pic at the bottom of your page with you trying to look all serious like you actually matter. No idea how 700 odd retards actually got duped into subscribing to the RSS. Nickycakes literally tried for an hour to find a post with any useful information on this site. What did he come up with? Rehashed digital point threads. What a waste of time.

#9 – James Martell

This retard is the fat white version of john chow. Wow, how about you post some pics of cars in your header and a bunch of completely worthless words on your blog. You should be e-book ready in no time. I mean, can you seriously trust someone who’s head looks like a fat pineapple? There’s that retarded audio series you’re advertising on your blog, absolutely free of course if you subscribe to your spam list. Do you really think it’s worth it for some idiot to subscribe to your email list just so they can hear jabba the hut drone on for hours about backlink spamming?

#8 – $uper Affiliate Mindset

More like $uper Worthless Blog. Nice cafepress t-shirt. Thats probably what every dude wants for christmas. Your retarded website logo on their shirt. Just another douche who likes to post a bunch of (probably fake) affiliate marketing stats but no real info on making money online. Do you honestly think that if you wear a “I <3 Affiliate Marketing” t-shirt that you will ever have a chance of…you know…reproducing with a female? Seriously dude, if you ever expect to get a girlfriend (which, from the looks of things, may not be a priority for you), then you might want to reconsider your wardrobe choices.

#7 WhoIsAndrewWee

Who is Andrew Wee? Nickycakes will tell you who Andrew Wee is. He’s the author of the 7th worst online money making site currently on the internet. Dude, seriously, stop wasting so much time making worthless podcasts about nothing. Seriously, your last podcast was to answer the question of if it’s better to be “smart or rich” in internet marketing. Wow, could you pick a more retarded topic for a podcast? Could this stupidity possibly be topped? The answer is yes, you went on to actually elaborate on such a retarded topic, and in doing so, propelled yourself to the #7 spot on this list. Congratulations, moron.

#6 – Clickbooth

As far as [allegedly] scammy affiliate networks go, these guys take the cake. Nickycakes has never seen so many complaints about a network jacking publishers’ money. What these idiots [allegedly] do is let you earn a bunch of cash for the month, and then make up a bullshit excuse about how they think you’re sending them scam traffic, refuse to pay you, keep all the commissions for themselves[again...allegedly].   This thread pretty much sums up the level of customer dissatisfaction. Anyway, there is one good thing that has come out of clickbooth this year: The most hilarious dramabomb Nickycakes has ever seen.

#5 – HaRRo’s makecash.org

The first thing that should clue anyone in about this guy’s credibility is the name. Honestly dude, what retard still does the lowercase vowels thing. It makes you look like a 13 year old wannabe HaX0R script kid from 1996. Nickycakes is kinda scared he’s going to get punted off aim now. So anyway, if you have a website called “Make Cash”, at least post some information about that instead of just putting a bunch of affiliate links and summarizing other people’s posts. The real reason this idiot made the top 10 is because earlier this year, he actually stole the public domain source code for the iPhone unlock, paid someone to reprogram it, and tried to market it as his own, even getting a mention in Forbes.

#4 – Warrior Forum

Warrior forum claims to be “The #1 Internet Marketing Forum Since 1997″. They’re certainly #1, but it’s not for good internet marketing information. This forum sells more worthless ebooks to more worthless morons than any site on the net. Nickycakes would be willing to bet that not a single person has gotten rich off the information presented on this forum. Well, with one exception: plenty of people have probably gotten rich after observing a site like this and realizing how many gullible idiots there are to market worthless products like expensive ebooks to.

#3 – Blogrush

Blogrush will go down in history as one of the biggest failures of an internet marketing idea that was promoted by so many people considered to be authorities in the industry. The idea was clearly stolen directly from AdGridwork (actually a good service). The reason it got promoted so heavy is because it was created by John Reese, some guy who think’s he’s a guru in the industry and has a ton of lackeys like john chow and shoemoney giving him bj’s all the time because they think he’s god or something. Basically the idea was, you put this obtrusive widget on your website and based on the number of impressions you get, your website shows up in the widget on other people’s site. Well everyone smart decided to game the system and iframe it, send it tons of fake impressions with proxys or whatever to get free traffic, and the entire system failed. Nobody clicks on the stupid thing and it’s pretty much the biggest waste of space ever. Anyone running the thing on their website pretty much loses 95% of their potential credibility right off the bat. Better luck next time.

2 – Digital Point Forums

Digital Point could be accurately described as the largest collection of internet marketing asshats on the net. Just go check the forums out for a good laugh. In the adsense section you’ll find pages and pages of threads with titles like “I JUST HAD MY FIRST $1 DAY WITH ADSENSE, DETAILS ON HOW I DID IT INSIDE.” And the people really aren’t joking. There will be tons of replies by other equally retarded people asking how they did it, what niche they were using, things like “AWESOME WORK DUDE NOW TRY FOR $2 A DAY LOL.” The marketplace forum is full of scammers and idiots. God, the entire thing is just a big joke.

#1 – John Chow

And the #1 most worthless site for making money online is JohnChow.com. Never in Nickycakes’ entire life has he seen such idiocy. Yes, his blog is packed full of nothing. It’s literally impossible to find ANYTHING helpful on the site about making money online (which is supposed to be the topic of the blog). All he does is ask people to pay him to review their websites, and has one of his lackeys write the review. The rest of the posts are pictures of whatever garbage he had for lunch, or stupid youtube videos, car pictures, or guest posts. Some of the guest posts are the only things that could possibly be mistaken for actual online moneymaking information, but upon closer inspection, they’re absolute rubbish. Take this post for example. Arbitrage from a non-arbitrageur. Seriously, have you ever seen so much worthless information packed into one post? This guy is actually suggesting that you will be getting 1 cent clicks from facebook ads (he later changed the post in embarrassment after Nickycakes flamed his ass.) But it’s not just that the information he posts has no value, it’s that he has so many idiots following his every word. Seriously John, if you’re reading this, your blog is garbage.

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